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For ages from 2 up to 95 … it isn’t a matter of experience, it is a matter of attitude!

In Zagori, with the guidance and security offered by our more experienced coaches (our external associates) here are our proposals to you:

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  • Ski and snowboard at the Anilio-Metsovo ski centre. At only 50 km from Ioannina for endless slaloms in the Epirus winter. You will find runs for all skier and snowboarder levels and the possibility for descent on powder snow. At the ski centre you will find modern equipment and sleighs for the younger visitors and, of course, a ski school!
  • Hiking is walking on smooth & natural routes, usually lasting from about an hour up to half a day. We usually finish where we started and the time is pre-calculated. Even though a basic walking equipment is demanded (hiking shoes, correct clothing and water), it isn’t particularly heavy.
  • Trekking (mountain hiking) is mostly a journey on a mountain, it mostly requires walking, but quite often it requires climbing in order to access some points and it may take two hours or two days! It requires more stamina and physical strength, as we will meet steeper and irregular terrain. During these treks, many choose to make camp.
  • Οrienteering offers the opportunity to “discover” interesting things about using a compass, a map and the natural way in order to move around nature. The participants find their own path and surpass obstacles through cooperation games in order to reach their final destination.
  • River WalkingTrekking is actually walking by the river banks and on the natural water trails near Aristi and Kleidonia.
  • Ηorse Riding is one of the most ancient sports. Especially riding a horse on the mountain and in the forrest is a dreamy experience. You may choose the long ride and cross the river.
  • Rafting (navigate a river on a raft) is an amazing natural adventure! The change of scenery, the green all around you, the river cool and all that while working out! This experience in rivers Voidomatis and Aoos will fill you with energy and relax you at the same time. The crew consists of a professional river guide and about 6-12 rowers, depending on the boat which is determined by the river’s grade of difficulty and the water level at the chosen period. The experienced guide on the boat gives directions to the crew and the orders to raw accordingly. You should bring along your swimsuit, a T-shirt and a towel. The organisers will provide you with a full body uniform, neopren socks, lifejacket, windbraker, helmet and a paddle.
  • Canoe-Kayak (small boat for moving in lakes and rivers) gives a unique sense of freedom as you will find yourself in the ideal spot to enjoy your excursion. Canoes only have one paddle and the athlete paddles kneeling down. Kayaks have a longer double paddle and the paddler is sitting!
  • With Monoraft-Hot dog (small inflatable boats) and after a previous experience in rafting you have an intense thrill and a more direct contact with the river. Monoraft is a two-seated boat and more flexible as compared to hot dog which is bigger, one seated and demands coordination from its crew. Both have self draining trunks. The professional river guide accompanies 5-6 monoraft/hotdog boats along the assigned route. A necessary condition is to know how to swim and mental and physical health.
  • Even Bicycling will give you the joy to choose the ideal routes to cross on your mountain bike and enjoy the unique scenery while you mildly work out!!
  • With the exciting Flying fox (zip line) technique you can cross one mountain slope after the other, or even a canyon. Crossing is aerial and the traveller is tied to ropes to a pulley with the guidance of an experienced climber.
  • Rappelling (descent)is a controlled descent technique with the use of a rope off a vertical rock, or down a canyon after climbing up. It is such an adrenaline rush!
  • Canyoning means “canyon crossing” and it combines hiking in a forrest, climbing, rappelling, river crossing and swimming. It is always made in small groups of people with an experienced guide as head of the team after good planning.
  • Climbing will lift your mood as you ascend-cross-descend any middle mountain giving you a unique sense of adventure!
  • Off road (routes by car) tempts you and drags you to dirt, water, mud, snow, rivers and lakes. The mountains of Zagori with their numerous forrest roads, offer you the best driving conditions with a 4×4 and ATV in enchanting surroundings. You shouldn’t forget the hikers or the forrest animals living in their natural habitat. Being on the mountain doesn’t mean we are alone. Keep the environment as clear as you find it.
  • Paragliding helps you fly over Epirus and enjoy extreme sports during organised day trips!
  • Archery offers concentration and skills in specially designed areas in the nature with targets and practice bows.

All the above activities are realised in cooperation with Pirrion’s external associates, adjusted to our customers’ demands.

Participation and news from international races in Zagorohoria!!!

The International Race “Zagori Μountain Running” for marathon runner, athletes from all over the world, children and parents, friends, locals and others, on the following link:

The famous “Zagori Μountain Βike” is an adventurous route on the wild mountain landscape ideal for the lovers of nature and bike! For more information, follow the link:

Activities for children!

Children’s care is embraced here by helping out the travelling parents with kids’ chairs, changing mats, playpens, children’s books and films and all sorts of toys! Pirrion is across the street from the village’s central square which is ideal for riding the bike, playing hide and seek, chase and countless other activities in nature with small children. The village’s playground is right beside the hotel and the children’s enjoyment and amusement is the best for their parents!

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