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    How to find us

    Transport: By airplane in half an hour from Thessaloniki or Athens to the PYRROS Airport in Ioannina; from Ioannina to Ano Pedina in 32km

    In case you prefer to make this a road trip on your own car, you may come to Zagori from different courses:

    From Athens through Patra (Rio-Antirrio Bridge), Agrinio, Arta you reach Ioannina (a total of 457km). Alternatively through the National Road of Athens-Lamia you reach Trikala and then Kalambaka, Metsovo, Ioannina.

    From Thessaloniki through Egnatia Road you reach Veroia, Kozani, Grevena, Metsovo and then Ioannina (a total of 298km).

    Distances from Pirrion wellness boutique hotel are small from and to other villages and the traveller can combine visits to more than three villages at a time and the road network is good.

    Mini Guide

    West Zagori: it includes Mikro and Megalo Papigo, the trails leading to the Gamila mountain top and the Drakolimnes  (Dragon Lakes), Aristi and the Vikos village with the breathtaking vew of the gorge of the same name. This is the village where all hikes to the gorge start–and the most usual meeting point is the Aristi Bridge.

    Central Zagori: our village, Ano Pedina, Kipoi, etc, this is where all legendary Epirus bridges and photography lovers will find their paradise

    East Zagori: Beautiful Vovousa, built on the Aoos banks, the picturesque villages of the Varda valley with the watermills, Kastanonas and Itea with the arched bridges are some of the area’s most admirable spots.

    Local products and souvenirs: Woven fabrics, spoon sweets, local fruit and nuts jams, dairy and meat, tsipouro (famous local spirit), liqueurs, wine, herbs and

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