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Green Direction

Preservation and protection of the area’s natural beauty and environmental sustainability are the main concerns of Pirrion Wellness Boutique Hotel. The family business combines an agrotouristic conscience with ecological philosophy in order to return to travellers mother earth’s “gifts”. The family, holding its own ecologic concerns as a principle, provide the travellers with an environmental coordination, and Pirrion with saving, thus choosing alternative management ways, in total harmony with the natural landscape. Staying in a Green hotel nowadays, wether it is for pleasure, or business, is of essential meaning. Saving energy and empowering our natural wealth are the motives, an act that, at the end of the day, comes back to us.

Important actions towards Green direction

  • Air energy fireplaces for heating common spaces
  • Low consumption lighting lamps
  • Air-water heat pumps
  • New oil boiler
  • Electrical appliances of high energy performance
  • Avoid actions that cause pollution
  • Reduction of the electric current use
  • We say no to needless use of paper and printouts
  • We prefer electronic communication to letters, etc
  • We prefer buying local and ecological products
  • We hire local people
  • Lighting of higher energy performance factor
  • Amplification of natural lighting
  • Toilet flush with less water consumption
  • Use of biological detergents
  • We change the towels in your rooms when you ask for it, in order to save water and the use of detergents
  • Recycling (Paper-Plastic-Glass-Aluminum-Batteries-Cooking Oils and organic waste from food leftovers, pruning remnants, etc)

Along with us, you may help too!

  • See that you use lighting only when necessary.
  • Turn off the electric appliances when they are not needed and close the windows and doors when the heat is on in order to maintain your room warm.
  • Each time you leave your room, slightly lift your power supply card.
  • Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth.
  • Shower and use the toilet flush when necessary.
  • Reuse bedlinen (sheets, towels, pillow cases) while still clean.
  • Choose local dishes with products from the local area.
  • Help us recycle (Paper-Plastic-Glass-Aluminum-Batteries)
  • Hike and promenade without the use of cars. There are many short and longer routes you can take without using your car that will pleasantly surprise you.
  • Buy local herbs, spoon sweets and liqueurs, handmade jams, etc. We will show you the ropes around Zagorohoria!

Follow Earth Hour, which Pirrion supports, before starting your holidays, by pressing the following link

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