Hammam – Eudemonia (Bliss)

Hammam – Eudemonia (Bliss)

In the Orient, “Hammam” ( حمّام‎ ) are public baths, with both hot and cold water, where the hot water is heated through a special process and where temperatures reach around 40 degrees.

The history of the Hammam goes deep back into the centuries, from the Ottoman Empire and the Romans, right back to the Mesopotamian civilizations and the Ancient Greeks. Hammams have been praised not only for purifying the soul but also for their incomparable architecture and the unique designs and complex motifs by their creators throughout the world. Important military decisions were made there by male warriors whilst the women, in different sections, entertained themselves, discussing their woes and drank infusions from selected tea leaves.

Regardless of any erotic or religious ritual, it is a fact that the water and steam tone and invigorate the body and allow the pores of the skin to open, whilst the massage offers a feeling of deep relief and healthiness, improves for blood circulation and allows the body to fully relax.

At Pirrion Wellness Boutique Hotel we consider ourselves to be a place where the culture of the Hammam is continued. A wellness dream in the mountains. We welcome you to our new enchanting facilities named “Hammam – Εudemonia”, the only one in Zagorochoria, so that you may experience the authentic ritual of bathing care.


  • Traditional Hammam (self service)
  • Ali Pasha Hammam
  • Journey Hammam

You can combine a hammam treatment with the following:

  • A face mask applied to your face while you enjoy your bath in the hammam chamber.
  • An extremely nourishing hair mask, rich in vitamins and metals.
  • Natural soap with Argan oil and apricot grains for velvety and glowing  skin. It nourishes, protects from dehydration and the antioxidant properties of the Argan oil protect from the effects of aging. The apricot grains, massaged gently, deeply cleanse face and body.  Fragrance from essential oils of lavender, jasmine, rose
  • Therapeutic foot bath with Epsom salts. Their effects are due to magnesium and sulphate which are absorbed by the skin and help remove toxins from the body. The footbath helps relieve the muscles, and alleviates pain from cramps, and tired or swollen feet. It exfoliates the skin, keeping it smooth and shiny. Fragrance from essential oils of cedar, lavender and tea tree

Types of Hammam

Traditional Hammam (self care)

A journey into a world of deep relaxation and wellness
It is the most well-known and widespread type of hammam during which you can enjoy the beneficial effects of taking care of yourself or your partner. We provide any necessary accessories such as loofah sponges, hydrating soap in flakes. The aim is revitalization and relaxation!
It involves the oriental practice of exposure to steam through a steam bath and is considered to be a wet version of the sauna. It has been a method of body and soul purification, relaxation and wellbeing since ancient times.
The hammam helps remove toxins from the body, contributes to good blood circulation, but also helps maintain a healthy metabolism.

Because of  increased humidity in the chamber, muscular tension is reduced, increasing the sensation of wellbeing and calmness

The soap provided for your use is 100% Natural Olive Oil Soap enriched with Coconut, Avocado, Rice and Carite Butter oils. It hydrates deeply, nourishes the skin, increases its elasticity and accelerates regeneration, thanks to the high content of vitamins and fatty acids in the miraculous oils. Ideal for the face, body, and hair, both for children and for adults, with a fragrance from the essential oils of mastic, neroli, bergamot and lemongrass


Duration: 60’/50€


Ali Pasha Hammam

An unforgettable experience of wellbeing and rejuvenation!

It is very special ritual starting with a toning steam bath which, thanks to the beneficial properties of the water, helps the body unwind and remove toxins and tensions. It continues with deep exfoliation, using a traditional sponge, during which dead cells are removed. It is completed by a full-body soap massage, hair-wash and head, neck and face massage. A special touch is given by the 100% natural olive oil soap enriched with Coconut, Avocado, Rice and Carite Butter oils. It hydrates deeply, nourishes the skin, increases its elasticity and accelerates skin regeneration, because of the high vitamin and fatty acids content of the oils. Ideal for the face body and hair. Fragrance of the essential oils from Mastic, Neroli, Bergamot and Lemon grass.

Abandon yourself to the experienced hands of our specialists and enjoy the journey.


Duration: 90′ (pax 2)/ 90€


Journey Hammam

A unique journey in time.

A journey of relaxation, beauty and deep cleansing.

Lie down, relax and abandon yourself to the hands of our experienced colleagues. To start with, a face mask is applied which is then uniquely combined with a beneficial Epsom salt foot bath which effectively helps to relieve muscles. The face mask exfoliates the skin, leaving it smooth and Glowing. Fragrance of essential oils from Cedar, Lavender and Tea tree. The ritual continues with full-body deep exfoliation with a special glove and a natural soap with Argan oil and Apricot grains for velvety and glowing skin. The apricot grains gently massage the face and body for velvety, glowing skin. Fragrance of essential oils from Lavender, Jasmine, Rose. The highlight of the experience is the relieving body massage using the rich foam of a 100% natural olive oil soap enriched with Coconut, Avocado and Rice oils and Carite Butter. The fragrance is of essential oils from Mastic, Neroli, Bergamot and Lemongrass. This unique experienced is completed with a relaxing head massage and hair wash with a rich foam from pure olive soap completed with a nourishing hair mask.


Duration: 90’ /100€

Pirrion: Unique hospitality

Live the special luxury offered in our rooms

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