Health guidelines of Pirrion hotel for COVID-19

Health First

On behalf of Pirrion wellness boutique hotel, we would like to thank you for your preference and support.

We always strive to ensure a safe and welcoming environment for both our guests and our staff, and now, even more, we are committed to protecting you and your loved ones as much as we can.

Health guidelines of Pirrion hotel for COVID-19

  • Certification of the tourist accommodation with the “HEALTH FIRST” sign
  • Provision of medical kit, such as gloves and masks , hand sanitizers, cleaning wipes, long-sleeve robe and apron, to staff and guests where and when necessary based on the instructions of the Hellenic National Health Organization
  • possibility of thermometer using laser
  • Hand sanitizers available in entrances, exits and all public areas
  • There is cooperative doctor, 24hours/7days
  • Disinfection of key cards
  • In the menu of your T.V. you can find:
    • The menu of the restaurant, wine lists and last but not least the hotel directory
    • Information about Pirrion, the village of Ano Pedina and Zagorochoria area in general, also about Ioannina and the  closest beaches/ski resorts .
  • for the access in the rooms the guests can also use outside stairs
  • We emptied the mini bar and removed the water boiler and the full coffee/ tea set.
  • All the receipts and invoices you are going to get them in your private email
  • The rooms get cleaned ,also using steam cleaner
  • Provision of the guidelines also through your mobile phone (e-mail, whats up etc.)
  • Strengthening health services in all public areas and especially   in “high risk” objects
  • Extension of check-out (11:00) and check-in (15:30)
  • Possibility of outdoor area check-in
Health guidelines of Pirrion hotel for COVID-19