Our grandfather’s Kostas X. Trakis’ heritage in Epirus’ traditional folk singing with his music band, “Perikloutsia” is still alive in Pirrion. The band was a pole of attraction during family feasts all around the Epirus mountains. You will find here pictures and photographs, old records, files and books about our family tradition still carrying grandfather’s spirit; he was the one who carved the first foundation shist stone in Pirrion when it was just a small mountain house.
And as our family was growing through time on the Zagori mountains, we supported our dream on our feelings for the place.
A unique destination of hospitality and tradition that will make you feel at home.

The basic idea behind Pirrion is that all services provided (warmth, fun, safety, library, etc) as well as everything we produce (breakfast, sweets, food, selected wine) must reflect our family business’ values. They say that a lifetime is not enough to get to know Zagori, the same goes for Pirrion! You keep returning here, again and again.
Each season is different, every time you discover something new.
Pirrion wellness boutique hotel is a promise of a fantastic journey to the Zagori mountains, it is a real European standard Μountain Resort.
Pirrion, beyond a hotel, has acted as a space of culture, successfully hosting several artists’ exhibitions (painters, photographers and writers).

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