Greek Cuisine Creations

Traditional recipes from Zagorohoria

Our restaurant has a dominant position at the entrance of Pirrion.
Genuine greek traditional cuisine with mediterranean and international flavors that impress the eye and challenge the senses.
Relax and enjoy your meal in an idyllic environment with an amazing view, by the warmth of the fire, and pair it with a drink from our carefully selected wine cellar.
All our meals are made of top quality local raw materials, fresh products, our love and passion.

Restaurant Menu

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Combining a warm environment of great luxury, the feast of flavors, the unique moments of relaxation and peace and the rich wine menu excite the most demanding food critic in Zagori villages:

Appetizers and Sides-Salads with herbs and Vegetables-Soups-Handmade Bread-Zagori Pies-Legumes-Pasta and Rice-local Poultry-Casserole Meat and Game and Marinades-Vegan and Diet Dishes, Yogurt with thyme honey to help with digestion, aromatic herbal tea and, finally, amazing spoon sweets, cookies, traditional biscuits, sweets and garnishes accompanied by beverages, special drinks, liqueurs and Cocktails!

Restaurant - Pirrion Sweet Hospitality
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Favourite Recipes

Smoked steak

Smoked steak - Pirrion Sweet Hospitality

Velvet soup

Velvet soup - Pirrion Sweet Hospitality

Traditional chicken pie from Zagori

Traditional chicken pie from Zagori - Pirrion Sweet Hospitality
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Our delicious suggestions

Breakfast With Greek products

  • Boiled frumenty with local feta cheese, a choice of 8 home made jams on handmade bread, cheese pie and caramelized French toast with yogurt and orange spoon sweet.
  • Coffe or tea, milk and orange juice.
  • Traditional spinach pie with home made zagori crust.

Lunch With Epirus recipes

  • Pirrion salad with 4 different vegetables, orange, roasted pine nuts, pomegranate and sesame
  • Galotyri
  • Fresly cut french fries with fried eggs on top
  • Cream soup made of potato, leek, chestnut and crabapple
  • Young lamb pot roast or smoked steak with bone

Dinner With Zagorohoria flavors

  • Fantasia salad with cabbage, crabapple, chestnuts, raisins and apple dressing.
  • Traditional chicken pie with home made zagori crust.
  • Graviera cheese with honey and black sesame
  • Chestnut soup
  • Roasted pork accompanied by mashed potatos  or chicken with colored bell peppers on a rosemary stick accompanied by grilled vegetables
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Cava Pirrion

Our family’s passion for good wine made Pirrion’s unique wine cellar one of the most special and complete examples of the kind in Zagori nowadays. Today you can find greek wines from Crete to Evros but also foreign labels. Different varieties growing in different climates each expressing their oenologists’ different passion. Lovely liqueurs from international vineyards and a wide variety of drinks and distillations from all over Greece and from special mountainous climates of Epirus. You may also find Magnum bottles and aged reds to aged tsipouro. Discover wine’s magic world through a revealing tasting! Enjoying wine here becomes a complete culinary experience, as it is combined with traditional viands of the Zagori cuisine and fine products. It only takes one visit to this unique space to discover that our Wine cellar is the ultimate destination for the people seeking authenticity, quality, aesthetics, true maturity and immaculate service.

Cava - Pirrion Sweet Hospitality
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Pirrion: Unique hospitality

Live the special luxury offered in our rooms

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