Welcome to Pirrion, a high standard hospitality hotel, a mountain born fairy tale. From the fabled palace of Pyrros, King of Molossi, to our sweet journey in Central Zagori, now you can travel in tradition’s other dimension.

Within only a few years, Pirrion has transformed into an elegant mountain resort. Suites straight out of a fairy tale, which include a fire place, a jacuzzi and Cocomat bed systems for dreamy nights. All rooms are named after Spoon Sweets (Bergamot, Sour Cherry) as a tribute to seasonality and mediterranean diet that are traditional indicators of hospitality. The decoration changes follow the seasons (lit fireplaces, holiday ornaments, scented candles, local folklore elements). During the summer, visitors may enjoy their dinner on the cool terraces of Pirrion savoring the view as well as the flavors.

Visitors may enjoy their conversation by the fireplace with the accompaniment of a bottle of wine right off our wine cellar. They may relax at the Bar with some help from our book or film collection. There is also the recreation room, where they may play billiards or board games. There is soft music playing in all areas for positive energy. Pirrion offers the possibility to attend Massage/Yoga classes as well as environmental tourism activities, outdoor wine tasting or cultural events. Children’s care is embraced here with kids’ chairs, playpens and children’s books. Pirrion is across the street from a playground and the village square which is excellent for riding a bike in nature. You can even enjoy your breakfast in bed (especially if you are newlyweds).

You can enjoy our kitchen’s flavors if you have lunch or dinner, or if you choose to have your wedding or christening banquet at our restaurant.

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