Corporate Events

Our enticing package proposal about organising unique training trips or educational seminars for your executives in our hotel, you can be certain will be unique, with many benefits for your company, clients and executives.

Pirrion’s great experience makes us capable, no matter the nature of the challenge, to live up to each company’s needs. Pirrion offers proposals and complete services for organising conferences, presentations, exhibitions, corporate happenings & events. The hotel features a restaurant, lounge-bar, lounge, 15-20 people conference room and an entertainment room. Our experienced and specialised team has the technological background to plan and organise professional and scientific meetings, organizations’ seminars, product presentations, corporate presentations as well as gala-dinners, special event dinners, with outmost professionalism and originality!

You can try a wine tasting trip of local varieties next to Voidomatis River or by the Gorge and be certain to discover new experiences! The best assurance of our services quality are the companies that have already trusted in us.

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