Every therapy in Pirrion is a unique holistic approach for your body’s regeneration. Your stay here can reach a whole new spiritual level. The hand massage techniques stimulate the mind, soothe the senses and detox the tissues. A therapeutic action is achieved with the use of herbal and biological products.

Escape from stress and enjoy the Zagori nature not only on the outside but also inside your body with a beneficial and relaxing massage. This unique experience will be imprinted on your body. The magic is here. Give your heart the gift of an unprecedented feeling of touch – let every shadow and out of place thoughts blow away towards the mountains. Let yourself feel free. You are part of the real journey. Sleep as a bird & fly as a bird!

Types of Massage

Traditional Thai massage

Based on ancient Thai tissue manipulation and the Indian Yoga philosophy. We use a combination of many different techniques, like stretching and reflexology pressure points. It helps reduce tension and stress, improve body posture and balance the energy flow.

Duration: 50’


Aroma massage

Tone your skin with an aromatic exfoliation from black sugar, honey and almond oil. Continue with a relaxing full-body massage with essential oils and extracts of aromatic plants and herbs with medicinal properties, appropriately selected in order to meet your personal needs. The essential oils immediately enter the body and contribute to wellbeing and rejuvenation

Duration: 60’


Oil massage

It is applied on the energy lines with manipulations facilitated through the use of plant oil. This special technique functions in combination with the circulation, arthro-muscular and nervous systems, while aiming to improve oxygenation and removal of toxins from the tissues. Muscular pains from long working hours and sedentary life are relieved, the skin acquires a velvety texture while the spirit relaxes from tension and stress.

Duration: 50’


Massage with warm pouches (LUK PRA KOB)

It is an ancient technique applied with the use of warm pouches containing a combination of medicinal herbs. The pouches are warmed on steam and placed directly on the skin using a special technique. They are particularly beneficial for muscular pain and can contribute to the treatment of asthma and colds. This type of massage induces calmness and serenity since besides the relaxing the muscles, the smell transports you to a different dimension.

Duration: 60’


Thai oil massage

A combination of Thai and Swedish massage that helps relax the muscles and unblocks the energy lines in your body. The use of warm oil and massaging helps relieve the body from tension, stress and pain.

Duration: 50’


Treatment with suction cups

The use of oil and suction cups in the traditional way, helps with back pains, chronic stiffness and relieves the respiratory system particularly in the case of coughs or colds. This ancient practice is based on Chinese medicine.

Duration: 50’

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